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How to model noise in LTspice

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    show.php?id=112829.jpg Hello, I try to add a voltage noise using an arbitrary voltage source set as V=white(1).
    Since I couldn't find any info about that parameter for the white() function I decided to do a .noise analysis to see how it responds to different values of that parameter.
    Except I can't get any kind of my injected noise to show up in my .noise analysis.

    That is two questions actually: what does that parameter mean in white(x) function?, and why can't I get my noise source to appear in the .noise analysis?
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    thank you. I will look them over again (I balked previously, don't want to register).
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    Give it a try. I agree it is a difficult group, these Physics forums have a much more convenient format.

    I will see your question and any answers in the daily digest email.

    I could ask if you want, but you are better placed to understand your needs and so can be more specific with the conversation.
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