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    Current Through an Inductor at time t

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations V = 1/L di/dt I = Io x (1 - e^(-t/L/R) Tau = L/R 3. The Attempt at a Solution Ii = 0mA ; If = 1mA Vi = 1V ; Vf = 0V Tau = 15uH / 1k Ohms = 10ns If my above is correct, then voltage and current equations through inductor should be as...
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    Integral for Current through an Inductor -- Not Working

    1. Homework Statement Calculate, and plot along with (on the same plot) the voltage seen below, the current flowing in the following circuit using the integral relationship between the voltage across an inductor and the current through the inductor. Verify your hand calculations and plot using...
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    Engineering Design Circuit to Convert Current to Voltage | LTSpice Also

    Hello, We just finished up midterms and I actually did well--got an A. However, somehow between the midterm (class before last) and last class we jumped to creating a circuit with a diode. I am pretty lost. 1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations Voltage / Current = Resistance 3...
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    Engineering Question About A Particular Circuit in LTSpice

    I am simply attempting to design a circuit in LTSpice. We just started on dependent sources. I am having trouble designing this guy here: Here's what I've got: What does this error mean? What do I need to change to make this circuit work?
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    Engineering Determine the input impedances of a circuit

    1. Homework Statement I'm studying a circuit with BJT's and I'm asked to determine the input resistances of the two amplification steps of the circuit. The circuit I'm analyzing is the following one: 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution To determine the input resistances I...
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    Mis-matched pin count error in ltspice

    Hi. I have a simple circuit with a third-part model. As far as I can tell using info from the internet I have everything correct, but I still get this problem. Please help me clear this log-jam, thanks!