How to preserve date modified when saving to external hard drive?

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So I use "date modified" as a sort of organizational tool - and would like to keep that. When my NTFS hard drive transfers files to a FAT32 hard drive, date modified attribute of folders is kept. However, I reformatted the FAT32 hard drive into another NTFS hard drive - and the date modified for all folders is lost. Interestingly enough, the "date modified" aspect for files is kept - but since I organize my files according to folders - this presents somewhat of a problem. Does anyone know more about the "date modified" attribute?

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Date modified is supposed to change. I would be surprised if it doesn't.

But there is an option to sort by date created. That date is preserved even when you copy or move files across drives of different formats.

In addition, you can always put the date modified into the title. This will be a bit cumbersome, but if the system doesn't allow you, you'll have to find your own ways.

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