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How to preserve date modified when burning to a CD

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    how to preserve "date modified" when burning to a CD

    Hello all,
    So I have a very old PC and want to backup its files. But I also want the "date modified" feature of such files preserved. The question then, is, how can I preserve the "date modified" part of the file when burning to a CD without zipping the files all up? (it has little hard drive space and can't afford making two separate copies of the zip file - one for the zip file, and the other for the temporary files that are written for the purpose of burning to the disk).

    Are there CD-burning utilities that preserve this feature?
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    I'd expect that any CD burning program would do this correctly.

    - Warren
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    If you're having trouble with this, there's probably a setting to "preserve modified date" somewhere.

    There are some backup utilities out there too which might have more options for you.
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