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How to read data from various files of different sizes in fortran

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    In my Fortran program, I want to read data from various files whose size I do not know in prior. The input files which I am trying to read may contain different number of entries. If I have same and known number of entries in all files (say 386), I can use something like:




    do i=1,386,1

    Can someone please help me in doing it if I don't know the number of rows in my data files in prior???

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    Is there some sort of marker to tell the code that the end of file has been reached?
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    Use an IOSTAT clause in your READ statement to store the read status (which indicates when you have reached the end of file) into a variable; then test that variable to decide whether to exit your input-loop.


    Just as a matter of personal taste, I think the if-statement nested inside the do-loop is a bit clunky, in the examples on that page. Here's how I'd do the second example (reading from a file on unit 4, instead of from *):

    Code (Text):

    open (unit=4, file='mydata.dat', status='old')
    sum = 0

    read (4, *, iostat=io) x
    do while (io == 0)
        sum = sum + x
        read (4, *, iostat=io) x
    end do

    if (io > 0) then
        write (*, *) 'Check your data file.  Something was wrong.'
        write (*, *) 'The total is ', sum
    end if
    Or you can use an EXIT to get out of the loop, then you need only one READ statement:

    Code (Text):

        read (4, *, iostat=io) x
        if (io /= 0) exit
        sum = sum + x
    end do
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