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How to shift a focal point af an objective

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    Hi, i have a simple optical system composed of:

    1. objective with 50 mm focal lenght

    2. CCD camera that can not be mounted behind the objective, for mechanical reasons... it can only be mounted 1-2 cm far behind the objective.

    So i need to "translate" the focal point of the objective 1-2 cm behind the ojcetive original focal point.

    How can i do this?? Have i two use one or at least two lenses?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    You can add a negative lens in "series" to increase the focal length. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lens_(optics [Broken]) "compound lenses". But this will change the image coverage, just like putting a telephoto lens on your camera, and -- maybe you don't care -- likely reduce the sharpness a bit.
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    Hi, thanks for your answer... a reduction of the sharpness is not a problem...

    A question: why a negative lens??? I though about two solutions (but maybe the are not the best choice...)

    1. a positive lens (diam. 6 - 10 mm) with a focal as shot as possible... few millimeters, posizioned symmetrycally between the focus of the objective and the CCD... to maintain the 1:1 magnification

    2. a system comped by two piano convex lenses

    what is, in your opinion, the best solution?

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