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Residual stress - Ansys welding simulation

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    Hello, first of all I apologize if there is already a topic with this solution but this is my first time here, and I'm a little lost :frown:

    I'm developing a work which consists in the determination of residual stresses due to TIG welding. I have developed the model and ran a successful thermal analysis, however I am having trouble in moving to a structural analysis. I've read a few scripts but I can not load the temperature history for further structural analysis. The software I'm using is the ANSYS 12.0.

    Thank you for your attention.

    (I apologize for any mistake of vocabulary)
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    do you get the solution of your above mention problem?
    Even I am working on simulation of friction stir welding in ansys and facing similar problem in getting result for residual stresses induced due to welding
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    If you are using APDL then what you have to do is:

    1. Create a second model that has structural elements. (Just change the element type and recreate the model, if you are using APDL this is very easy.)
    2. Use the LDREAD command to import the thermal solution onto the structural elements
    3. Apply any additional boundary conditions
    4. Solve and post process.
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    Hi i try to learn ansys workbench, i want to develop tig welding analysis in ansys workbench but i can not. i try yo do transient thermal analysis but i can't move the heat source(tig welding). Can you help me??? Thanks...
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