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How to slow down a 1.5-3v motors RPMs?

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    Ok so I posted a question before and it didn't get answered, however I am very tenacious and read around on the net for about 4 hours and finally got my answer. My new question is this: I went to Radio Shack and bought a 1.5-3v motor, I have tested it and it works with my AA battery (as I expected it should). Now my newest problem to arise is that since I am using the motor to act as a winch if you will, I need to slow it down.. Even with a much wider apparatus on the spindle it still is much to fast to do what I want it to do without damaging the motor itself or the actual item to be lowered.. Also, the motor doesn't lock when the current is removed, is there a way I can set it up to do that also..?

    Mechanical Geocache
    That is the function of the motor only my container may be slightly larger..

    Thanks in advanced
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    Toy and hobby stores sell motors with attached gears. They are just plastic gears, but probably rugged enough if your load is not too great.

    This is better than trying to slow down a motor with reduced voltages or pulse width modulation as the gears produce much better torque.
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    A worm gear should solve both problems.
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