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How to start with advanced quantum mechanics

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    Hey, I did a full year course on quantum mechanics, I did it in the level of Resnick and Eisberg and Griffiths.... Now I want to proceed further in the summer and start with Heisenberg Matrix Mechanics as well.... I want recommendation on how to start..... I'm thinking of starting with Merzbacher and R.Shankar.......
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    I really suggest the book by Ballentine, supplemented by Shankar :)
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    I second Ballentine, and recommend that you read Isham on the side, or before you start with Ballentine. (Isham is much easier, but should help your understanding a lot).

    "Matrix mechanics" is an obsolete term. The theory that these books will teach you is based on the Hilbert space approach to quantum theory that von Neumann came up with in the late 1920s, or rather Dirac's version of it from the early 1930s. (I reserve the right to be completely wrong about the history of QM :smile:)
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    I recommend the courses by Prof.V.Balakrishnan in Quantum Mechanics on youtube also. He is really good at explaining Hilbert Space even if you don't have much background in linear algebra.
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