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How to stop getting ahead of oneself during exam preparation?

  1. Jan 12, 2014 #1
    How to stop getting ahead of oneself during exam preparation?
    I have my final semester exams coming-up for my masters course.I sometimes start to day-dream about what my life would be like after I ''passed'' the exams. I try and control the thoughts whenever I can but it pops-up at some unexpected moment. I envision myself leading a team of race engineers and giving orders etc. OR sometimes,it might be about using the money I earned to make a new project in my home country. Fictional stuff.

    It clearly is affecting my prep. "putting the cart before the horse" seems to be the most apt phrase to describe what I am doing now.

    How do I develop a systematic way of controlling or logically reasoning-out these thoughts?
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    Yeah, just imagine having to take a job in fast food service if you blow your exams. The only race you'll be in is the race home after your shift.
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    If you're daydreaming like this, you'll never get there. You have an ego problem. People don't throw money and authority at you just for getting a degree or passing a test. Furthermore, real leaders don't give orders. They lead by example.

    The degree is the opportunity to try bigger and better things. Senior people with the authority give you successively more difficult jobs to do until you get there. It takes most people years and decades to earn that kind of respect. A degree will not get you that kind of authority overnight.

    You have a bright future ahead, but you're going to have to earn it. Think about what you'll have to do to get there. You will come back to the subject at hand. You need to pass your courses to get there, or nobody will bother giving you authority or money to do anything.
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