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How to supply Serial Clock Input into an audio-ADC IC?

  1. May 23, 2010 #1
    Hi seniors,

    I am struggling something with my audio ADC.
    I bought AD7811 from farnell, which is an ADC to convert my analog data into digital. But at this stage, i found that a SERIAL CLOCK INPUT is needed to supply into the IC.
    However, I m wondering what exactly the clock i should supply?
    Hopefully, senior can give any advice to overcome this problem. thanks

    From: anson
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    Use the datasheet for your answer. You can find it here:

    http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD7811_7812.pdf" [Broken]

    I assume you use a uC to drive the ADC. The clock comes from uC. On the ADC DIN input, the uC sends the serial data to program the ADC. Each bit is registered in the ADC on each pulse of the clock. Look in the ADC datasheet, page 15, Fig. 18.

    The ADC DOUT sends the converted data to uC. It uses the clock the same way. Each data bit is sent to the uC on each clock pulse. Fig. 18 in the datasheet shows this as well. Read the text on page 15 for more info.

    Also, pages 16 and 17 show how to connect the ADC to different microcontrollers.
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    thanks adrian.
    Anyway, i think maybe i din make this clear that i want to directly convert the analog signal into serial digital output and no microcontroller is used.
    so i wonder what SCLK and CONVST input ?
    However, I m looking for much simple type of the ADC and DAC for audio conversion den transmission.. hopefully, any senior here could give ur point of view regarding this issue.

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