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Data logger for static charge meter

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    I have just bought the static charge meter, Keyence SK-1000.
    Analog output is sent through two small cables denoted as:
    1. Analog output (surface potential).
    2. Analog output GND.
    The analog output can be set to one of the following values: NONE (OFF), -5 to +5V, 0V to 5V, 1V to 5V, 4mA to 20mA.

    I am looking for the data logger (with software) for data saving (on the PC) generated from analog output of the static charge meter.
    I had came across this kind of data loggers at Farnell:
    However, I am not sure whether these loggers are actually ok for the acquired static charge meter. I checked the specs of these loggers and they seem to be ok, particularly the logger from the first link- PICO ADC24 (I attached the spec, most interesting data is on page 3).

    Could you advice whether the logger from the first link would do the job, please?

    P.S. From data loggers I have only PICO TC-08 but this device is apparently for thermocouple connection only.


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    The Pico ADC24 data logger has a maximum input voltage of 2.5V with an input impedance spec of 2 megohm when configured an input channel as true differential, and 1 megohm when used single-ended.

    A voltage divider would be required to use this logger, for instance, for a 5V output, a 10K and 9.1K resistor in series with voltage across the 9.1K resistor fed into the logger. Two 10K resistor in series would chop voltage in half - to the 2.5V input max - but using a 9.1K brings this down to about 2.38V and provides some headroom.

    @Tom.G 's Dataq suggestion is a good one. I've used one of their older, RS232 serial communication based starter kits ($50) and was generally impressed. Take a look at their model DI-1120 for $178. 4 channels (14 bit), 2,5,10,20,50 and 100V analog input range scales, (7) digital points that can be set up as inputs or outputs, and it comes with a copy of their WinDaq software for configuration and logging.

    Keep in mind that the cable between meter and logger is likely to get hit with electrostatic discharge. Depending on what you are measuring, it may be prudent to add transorbs (TVS diodes) from each active + and - signal line to earth ground, and a jumper across each unused channel input (forcing them to 0V) to reduce the possibility of logger circuit damage.
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    @Tom.G Asymptotic
    Thanks for your feedback. The suggested Dataq logger is very interesting. I emailed the supplier.
    In the meantime, I had found the terminal board:
    The PICO TC-08 thermocouple data logger, which I have, used along with the single channel terminal board can be used to effectively log the signals from other than thermocouple sensors. It accepts input in V or mA. I will check it first.
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