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How was infrared remote encrypted?

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    First of all, besides the question in the title (which is an open ended question) can someone please tell me whether it is possible to "record" all infrared signals?

    If it's impossible, is it impossible in the way that virtually every remote for certain appliance has its own unique frequency (wavelength, to avoid confusion with Duty Ratio), so it's impossible to record them using a Infrared receiver-diode, or is it extremely difficult?

    If you have anything to say, please fill me in, I'll be more than glad to hear. Thanks!
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    jim hardy

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    most of them operate at 40 khz
    here's a "how to" article


    some years ago i stumbled across a hobby site of enthusiasts customizing their controlers, wisg i still had link.

    old jim
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    shouldn't be too hard, i mean, universal remotes exist.

    have an IR photoresistor hooked into an analog (?) port of an arduino
    have the serial port output values to a computer, normalize as appropriate
    at this point its a matter of analysis
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    That pdf is more than helpful, thanks a bunch!
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