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How we get cold and how to avoid it

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    For past few years/for all my life I have found that I realize I have cold only when I wake up (in the morning time). It comes all of sudden. I never successfully pinned down what caused it. I usually blame the things that I ate in my dinner.

    I am again in standard cycle. I woke up and discovered my throat hurts a bit. Now, I know I would wake up tomorrow finding that it hurts more .... And, I always start wearing lots of warm clothes once it starts... sometimes I get out of it before it gets serious and once a year it wins.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I can always tell now if I'm getting sick because my legs start to ache about a day before I feel any other symptoms.

    I don't know what measures may help to reduce the degree of illness once exposed, but I think the easiest way to avoid getting sick is to be aware of what you're touching during the cold and flu season. For example, grocery carts are an obvious source of disease transmission. And it was found that the fold-down trays in airplanes is another one. Most people worry about the recycled air, but according to at least one study, the trays are the real culprits. A fellow air traveler and medical doctor told me about that one.

    Obviously other people coughing or sneezing are sources of exposure.

    One of the things that really stinks about my wife's job [medical worker] is that she gets exposed to everything!
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    I'm confused, are you saying you often wake up sneezing or with a stuffy nose? That would be allergies.
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    Yep but not extreme. I find I am sick mostly during morning time when I wake up. I think some people start feeling sick during lunch time.
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    I wake up sneezing and with a stuffy nose quite often due to allergies.
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    I'm the same way. In the morning, I will wake up with the back of my throat being dry. When that happens, I know im going to have a cold.

    A cold is a virus. You dont get it from going inside a warm room to outside in the rain and back inside, or what you ate last night, etc.. You have to catch it from someone/something that carries the virus.
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    If you expose your body to low temperatures, your body redirects blood flow from the exposd body parts like the nose. This compromizes the immune system there a bit which can lead to the cold virus to get into your body more easily.

    The best defense against cold is actually to expose your body a bit to the cold every day. This has two important effects. Your body gets used to colder temperatures and then you don't get an exaggerated response (very cold hands, feet and nose).

    Also, you are likely to expose your body to virusses when they are present at low concentrations in the air and build up some immunity well before someone sneezes in your face.
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