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How's this for a syllabus.

  1. Aug 25, 2009 #1
    So the syllabus has just been released for my Physics III class, and homework is being assigned a weight of 50% of my course grade.

    So, pretty much by just coming here to these forums for my hw questions - I can reasonably expect to get an A in my class. wow.
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    What is the breakdown for the remaining 50%?

    50% homework does look great, however it means it will probably be a low curve class and impossible midterms and finals to compensate.
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    I assume you'll need to display extensive mathematical steps because many academic problems have worked-out solutions easy to find on the web.
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    2 tests each worth 10% and 30% final.

    He writes his own homework problems and they're incredibly hard, I hope his exams aren't too too tough because for the midterms we'll be taking them in class and our class is only 50 minutes long.

    So I assume the exams will be watered down math questions or just concept questions because not even a PhD can do say a coupled spring system calculation in less than 20 minutes.
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    Vanadium 50

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    You have to beware of a common student affliction: "I can do the homework; I just can't do the test." (This is related to another one: "I understand the material, but I just can't do the problems.") Being able to work a problem with virtually unlimited time and access to people who can help doesn't always translate into being able to work a problem quickly on your own.

    Don't be so sure of that.
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    Something like this would be the death of me! Last physics class I took I averaged about 84% in homework and something like 105% on the exams, lol.

    Interesting for him to weight homework so heavily though, I wonder what his policy is on group work?
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