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Medical HPV Demographics by Age

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    I'm trying to find a source for the HPV demographics by age.

    The best I found was:
    The Value of Monitoring Human Papillomavirus DNA Results for Papanicolaou Tests Diagnosed as Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance: A College of American Pathologists Q-Probes Study of 68 Institutions


    but I'm not sure how to relates this to the general population. The following table might shed some insight:


    but it is of little good to me if I don't know what percentage of the population is high risk and what percentage is low risk. Also what percentage would no risk which isn't tested at all? Also High Risk, does that mean the person is of high risk of having HPV given some indicator or does it mean they have a high risk type of HPV?
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    your link appears broken
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    I fixed it now. I had to encode the brackets in the URL.
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