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Human fetus development inside an egg

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    Just a food for thought.

    Firstly - can a fertilized human ovum develop into any stage of embryo inside of a bird egg (chicken egg, or ostrich egg or whichever...).

    That conceptual difference between how ingeniously and conveniently birds come to life and how unpractical and actually primitive we humans come to life (so organically, so parasite-like) stroke me as a concept - so I thought - that's interesting enough for a thread theme here (maybe not first time, I don't know, but nevertheless...).

    Further, what would it take to make it possible for humans to be able to hatch from bird (or bird-style (i.e. artificially made or modified)) eggs.
    To make the subject broader - it doesn't have to be an egg it can be a glass container with special life-support system or something... (theme of many interesting sci-fi creations, yeah)
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    How come?...

    (how come this seems uninteresting for you)
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