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HW question: electricity and magnetism

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    The potential is constant throughout a given region of space. Which of the following statements is true? Be sure you can justify your answer.

    1. The electric field is zero in this region.
    2. The electric field may have places where it is zero, and places where it is nonzero in this region.
    3. The electric field is nonzero in this region.
    4. The electric field may be zero or nonzero everywhere in this region.

    I thought it would be #2, but it was wrong, so could someone please help me out?

    Appreciate any help greatly,
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    Which potential is constant? Electric, magnetic, gravitational, etc.?

    If the Electric potential, then V = integ(E dot dL), so E would have to be zero.

    Edit -- Oops, I forgot we weren't supposed to give answers in the HW forum. My bad. Hope I'm right!!!
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    It is electric potential, but I don't understand why the electrical field would be zero. I was thinking maybe it could be zero or nonzero everywhere?
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