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I Hyperbolic space simulation in VR

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    I have come across an interesting simulation of hyperbolic space. I can't totally wrap my hand around it, though. But I am interested in technical part of it. As far as I see no object in the space would get curved when you are moving. The visual deformation is the result of bent light reached our eyes. Am I right? Do you really need do light bending calculations to do the simulation or there is another approach?
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    That's right, the distortion is because you are embedding the hyperbolic space in an Euclidean model (in your visual cortex). You are inferring the shape and distance from the parallax of your binocular vision conditioned by your experience driven mental model of space. I suspect that if you spend enough time moving about in the VR your mental processing will start to adjust. You'll know when that's happening when you are very disoriented for a while after a session because you're changing back to flat Euclidean space.
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    This looks good. I will watch it later today. I enjoy almost all of Matt Parker's videos. I also enjoyed his book: Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension. A lot of the book is available online, on his website. http://makeanddo4d.com
    I prefer reading the paper versions of books, though.
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