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Hypothesis test for normality on the TI-84?

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    I'm trying to run a hypothesis test to see if a data set follows a normal distribution. I don't want to look at a plot. Is there any way? I tried to build a program that uses the built-in normal distribution functions to calculate how far the points on a normality plot would fall from forming a straight line, but I get errors.

    Any ideas?
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    Here is the code I am using. Instead of filling List 3 with the normal CDF values, it fills List 3 with a bunch of 0's.

    Code (Text):

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    Shouldnt the normalcdf be outside loop?
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    I don't think normalcdf will take lists for X values. But I will try that as soon as I can.
    As it happens, I created another macro that just calculates the cumulative frequency. That one does work. I know how to have my normalcdf macro execute my cumulative frequency macro. For the reference, I just press "PRGM," in the EXEC highlight that macro and press "ENTER," that big button on the bottom-right.
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    Update: I changed the code.

    Now it's this:

    Code (Text):
    For (I,1,dim(L1))
    Now it won't give me those zeroes.

    But now I have another problem. When I fill in data from my statistics textbook, I get a different p-value than what my statistics textbook reads. I am reasonably certain I did not mistype any data.

    UPDATE: Here's the code for my cumulative frequency macro:

    Code (Text):
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