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I am trying to do a research project for school

  1. Oct 22, 2007 #1
    I am trying to do a research project for school and I am having difficulty coming up with a word for my research. Lets say... You have a guy use a hand dynamometer and tell him to exert the max amount of force that he can and then tell him his results. You then tell him to exert the minimal amount of force and tell him the results. You then ask him to do 1/2 of the two forces. What is it called when you can predict that? I know that there is a word but i have been racking my brain and can't think of it. Please help :) What is it called when the muscle can predict how much force it is exerting?
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    an average?

    Your question isn't very clear to me.
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    What is the muscles ability to distinguish how much force is being exerted?
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    Ohhhhh, that I don't know.
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    muscle memory? I am not completely sure what you are asking. There are multiple definitions for similar muscle functions.
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    This is very important for men like golfers, footballers etc.. !
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    Vary an audible tone frequency as the energy input varies. Now, with perfect pitch, and a few trials, the human motor could hear his work as tone. Maybe he could play the national anthem though at a slower tempo and a lot of glissandos.
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