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I am two in one

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    [SOLVED] I am two in one

    If you pay attention to what your unconscious mind does, you may start to think that you are not alone inside your body, but there's actually another person sharing it with you. It's almost spooky to think of the greater part of our minds as having an identity of its own but really, what prevents us to see ourselves that way? Compared to our conscious mind, the unconscious does seem to have a mind of its own, as well as its own unique skills, memories, prejudices, and so on. Since we don't know what is going on inside the unconscious mind, wouldn't it be correct to say that it is almost like another person altogether?

    Now that raises several interesting issues. What is the nature of the relationship between ourselves and this other individual inside our bodies? How can we get to know him/her/it better? How does the universe look like from his/her/its perspective?Given that the unconscious is far more powerful than the conscious, could the existence of this other individual be the reason why people so strongly believe in a personal God?
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    Yes there are thousand of riples resurfacing they are very minute only a quite person can listen to it basically at that point you are talking to your inner Self.
    The identification of that person is self realisation

    The other person in nothing but your inner self

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    Im kinda new to this, but a thought just occured to me. What if our conscious selves are just manifestations of our unconsciousness?
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    Success comes with hard way to realize the inner Self u have to walk barefoot on concrete path To enjoy the fragrance u might prick yourself with thorns

    So realizing the inner self completely is very difficult

    I believe Our consciousness is governed by temptations
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    Thanks for the links, they very interesting. But I'm not serious about the question, it's just something I sometimes wonder about.
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    I think you're right. In fact, I agree with LeDoux, who wrote in Synaptic Self that part of what keeps us from understanding the self and the mind is that we are too caught up with the conscious part of it, when most of what goes on in the brain is unconscious.
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    Why do we dream?,

    Why do we dream?, has caught my attention. When I read a book, four things can happen. I can read out loud and then stop talking and hear myself keep on reading, remembering all that I read. (Conscious mind) The second is to read for several lines or pages or minutes or hours and not remember what I read. (Unconscious mind) The third is to read with my conscious mind and be dreaming with my unconscious mind. The fourth is to be dreaming with my unconscious mind while reading and analyzing with my conscious mind. This has been verified by others who have the same experience, therefore there is two selves, inside of every one I. When I sleep and when I am awake I perceive both also, in both states of mind. When I have a lucid dream the conscious I, is always directing the show. When I drive a car after many years of experience my unconscious mind drives the car. How is it that anything exists? Which side is reality? Are dreams messages from ourselves to ourselves. Does dreaming make matter conscious or is matter already conscious? Do all things dream from atoms to humans? Do we dream to create self? Do we dream to create consciousness? Why do we remember almost nothing, feelings create emotions and emotions are all that we remember? If space time and energy describe the conscious mind then dreaming describes the unconscious mind. Maybe we are dreams capable of dreaming inside the great dream. If we are dreaming then the future also dictates what happens in the present. Dreaming is sort of like a great thought that is like a movie, if you run it backwards the future dictates the present and the present the past.
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    Re: Why do we dream?,

    Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but I've seen this exact post somewhere before...major Deja vu! :wink:
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