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I can't decide EE or CE

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    I really don't know which major to take; Electrical E or Computer Engineering? When someone says take one you like the most, how would I know which one I like the most if I never worked in that field.

    I am in my common 2nd year of EE/CE. After this year I have to declare my major, please what to do? Thank you all.
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    How much do you like to program? Seems like that would be the first question to ask. I choose EE mainly because I don't like programming that much.
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    kdinser , I really don't like programming that much either, but I do like mathematics, and microprocessors so far it is just intro, this is my 3rd semester.
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    Since you aren't a fan of programming, I would say that EE would be best for you. Howver, as a CE you probably wouldn't do whole lot of programming, but you would still have to take at least a couple of programming classes which could be very annoying, personally. Specially if they require to take take a class on compilers which, I think, is the hardest part of being a CE.
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    Any idea about jobs; same difficulties, and can EE work as CE and vice-versa?
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    My undergrad degree was in a combination EE/CS, so I got both hardware and software classes. And although my MS is in EE, I took several software classes in my MSEE year. I use both skills in my work daily, as well as a combination of them in architectural design issues for whole systems. I am happy doing all hardware for extended periods of time, but I get antsy if I have to write code for long periods of time. There are plenty of EEs here at my work that code 100% of the time, so it's just what you like. If you're not a big fan of architecting and writing software, though, I would think it would be a mistake to pursue the CS degree.
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    What part of EE are you interested in? Digital design or analog?

    Find out more about EE branches.

    Read up "RF design"

    RF can be extremely addictive for some people.
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    You will be doing alot of programming as CE, but not the kind of programming your use too, its going to be in Hardware description languages, such as VHDL or Verilog most likely and also assembly (not hardware description). IF you want to stay away from all kinds of programming then yes EE is the way to go.

    If your interested in pipelining and processor design like making your own ALU, if that seems fun to you, you will like being a CE.
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    EE and CE are very, very hard and very similar programs, no matter which one you choose to finish everything depends where will you get a job.
    CE is more stressful, a nerve wrecking job, IMO.
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    I don't see EE and CE as being very smilliar programs at my school anyways. A CE takes 3 more EE courses than a Computer Scientist. Other than that, the courses are exactly the same. I'm still a CE major right now but will be switching to Computer Science and the only course I have to take to switch is to pick up a 2nd language.

    I looked at all the higher level 400 courses and the CE takes the same courses as the CS. The only difference is the CS can't take a course in VLSI design/data com/image processing because it requires EE310.

    http://www.psu.edu/bulletins/bluebook/courses/cse.htm [Broken]
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