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I have a question regarding Magnetic Fields

  1. Sep 25, 2007 #1
    If you were to take a superheated iron ball (say a heavily scaled down version of the earths core) and set it in motion inside of a heated and ultra-pressurized plasma globe with another light hard coating ontop of it also set in motion, would that generate a magnetic field similar in shape to earths if it was done in a vacuum? I'm trying to think of something similar to this that generates a magnetic field...I kind of have the vision of a ball being kept heated by the pressure and the heat of plasma (or magma in a literal sense) with another shell outside of it keeping it all together under pressure so that the ball stays equal in the center. This is not a homework question, its just for my own curiosity about magnetic fields (shape, size, generation).

    I'm fairly new to astronomy so be gentle.
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    Looks cool, thanks for the info.
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