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I have devised away to travel Faster Than Light

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    this came to me in a dream state meditaion a few days ago

    everything from light to sound to time all travel along some line and travel all at different speeds. but if you are able to cause mulitple fission explosion for a brief moment everything around that implossion will be sucked inward momentarly, this strong pull will slightly bend everything passing near by. light rays, time or sound or any other. while this intense pull has time bent you cross over the stright unalterd path that were unafected by the pull(father distance out from implosion) moments later the implosion is forced outward causing the paths to return to normal. if you are crossing many of these paths institaniously you will have coverd great distances.

    christopher morse
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    I think you've actually just devised a way to get yourself banned from this forum.

    Personal theories are not welcome here -- particularly personal theories that are as illucid as this one.

    - Warren
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