I just bought Tropicana Lychee Twirl...

  1. I just bought Tropicana Lychee Twirl juice and looked at the ingredients.See what i found..

    on carton (tetra pack) its prescribed "No Preservative" but it contains permitted synthetic food color (124) and added flavour (Nature identical flavouring substances): as curiosity, i was in search for information about food color (124)
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    pls look at tis site it says it (124) is carcinogen (Any substance that produces cancer) for animals.
    Not only tis; look out for synthetic food color (110) which is found in jams, squashes and even in medicines

    is this (type) of packed juices, foods indeed healthy? If not!! why in the first place these products are in the market?
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  3. Because people buy any crap as long as it looks and sounds appealing. Slap a "green/organic" label on any product and suckers go for it no matter what.
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