I need a 12v switch to respond to a 433.92 Mhz signal

  1. Im not an elctrical engineer but I do need a source for the above mentioned switch. I would even be open to a simple schematic. Please Help.
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    What is the source of that signal? How is it being modulated? What receive signal level do you expect from a resonant antenna at your receiver?
  4. This is a simple 12v dc current that I need to interrupt in the form of a RF receiver switch that simply will close up receiving the radio signal thus allowing the voltage to pass to the accuator
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    Sure. But you need to answer the questions I asked, in order for us to help you. We need to know a lot more about the RF signal (its source, strength, modulation, etc.).
  6. I cant seem to get that technical data all I can provide is the model and serial number of the source and hope you can find the specific info you need. WS4916 - DSC Wireless Heat & Smoke Detector
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    For this sort of thing, you'd almost certainly need a receiver from the same company (unless you disassembled one and discovered that the wireless module is just a COTS type module that you can purchase elsewhere).

    Unfortunately, the DSC RXL2-433 wireless receiver relay driver doesn't list the fire alarm as a compatible device (though it might still work, even if it's not intended for the application--I'd contact DSC to see if they'd know). Using the DSC RF5108-433 receiver module doesn't output to a user form either (it's for integration into the DSC panel).

    Maybe if you backed up a bit and told us what you're trying to accomplish, we can recommend an alternative?
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