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A V12 engine is a twelve-cylinder piston engine where two banks of six cylinders are arranged in a V configuration around a common crankshaft. V12 engines are more common than V10 engines. However, they are less common than V8 engines.
The first V12 engine was built in 1904 for use in racing boats. Due to the balanced nature of the engine and the smooth delivery of power, V12 engines were found in early luxury automobiles, boats, aircraft, and tanks. Aircraft V12 engines reached their apogee during World War II, following which they were mostly replaced by jet engines. In Formula One racing, V12 engines were common during the late 1960s and early 1990s.
Applications of V12 engines in the 21st century have been as marine engines, in railway locomotives, as large stationary power as well as in some European sports and luxury cars.

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  1. DagmaarUlereich

    Outlet adapter to mimic a car battery to power 12V devices

    Sorry if this is a very simple question but i have been googling and looking around for a straight anwser but can seem to find a solid answere or draw a solid conclusion from information I've reached. So I have a rgb led light for a car, the box says input 12vDC. if I wanted to set these up...
  2. Algr

    What continuous wattage can I get out of a 12v lantern battery?

    I have a C-Pap machine, and I'd like to put together something to power it for a few hours if we have a blackout. Wiring two of the above lantern batteries together should produce 24 volts. But I can't find any info on how much wattage you can draw from these before the voltage will sag. It...
  3. N

    Using delicate 5V IC to toggle 12V device with MOSFET, Diode, resistor

    Hey all, I have a 5v IC that is triggered by a sensor to unlock the 12v lock, I am using a NPN transistor as a switch with the 5v VCC as the gate, I need it to sink back to the GND of the IC without blowing it, is this safe? If not what changes would you suggest, it has been years since I've had...
  4. H

    Calculating Required Torque for 12V DC Motor

    I am designing a reciprocating saw that I plan to use a scotch-yoke mechanism to convert rotational kinetic energy into linear kinetic energy. I want to spec out a motor and the final thing I need to calculate is the required torque. The motor must be 12 Volts and I need to know the required...
  5. B

    I want a temperature controller for a 12V, 40W ceramic cartridge heater

    Dear friends, I am in a search of a temperature controller for 12V, 40W ceramic cartridge heater! I can not change the heater because of my application. I want to purchase a simple PID temperature controller available in the market. But I am not sure whether they can provide me the 12V output...
  6. gumby4231

    12V Tractor Battery supply: Losing Power Supply

    I want to mount a camera on the front of a tractor(Sony RX0M2, similar to a gopro). The camera will eventually be used for image processing. A PQ-12 micro linear servo (see here) will be used to turn the camera on/off. It is being run by a Raspberry Pi 4B. All components in this project will be...
  7. P

    High Current 12V DC motor speed control

    Hi. I am new here. I have a question on how to speed control a DC motor running a pump. The pump is a seawater cooling pump cooling a large V8 motor. Therefore I need to control the RPM, based on the temp of the V8 Motor. Any ideas?
  8. Z

    Setting Up a 12V DC Test Stand w/ Controller & Cycle Count

    Setting up a test stand that will need a controller to cycles a device ON and OFF at an adjustable time interval (allows me to make the ON duration and OFF duration whatever I want). It will also need to keep a count, so I can track the cycles count and also set a limit on cycles so it will stop...
  9. K

    How can I get 12V 1A charging voltage from USB?

    Hello everyone, Recently, I bought a R/C Helicopter which has a 7.4V 850mAh Lipo battery. I enjoy flying it in the field but I have a problem charging its batteries after each flight. I have no access to any car battery or 220V wall socket. I bought a Lipo charger for it which needs at least...
  10. DonKiwi

    Voltage Doubler help: 6V ac 36W alternator in ~ 12V dc out

    I am trying to build a Voltage Doubler to use a motorcycle 6 Volt a.c. alternator's dedicated headlight coil (which presently runs a 36W incandescent headlight bulb) to provide 12 Volt d.c. to drive a commercially-bought 12V LED headlight unit (also rated at 36W). Frequency will be (1500 ~ 5000...
  11. G

    Efficient 12V Electromagnet Design for Extended Use

    Homework Statement Need to build an electromagnet. Want to build one to work on 12v 7Ah battery with a switch. Needs to be on for up to a minute. Gets pretty hot. Any ideas what components can be wired into circuit and how to control current to retain magnetic field strength but reduce the heat?
  12. Oladapo Babatunde

    How to recharge a 12V battery using an Alternator

    I am working on a rural project that requires continuous use of 12v battery as a single unit,to keep the project running i need to recharge the battery . How do i connect an alternator to recharge the battery while the batteries is in use. or can i use a Capacitor instead. My thinking is since...
  13. G

    What happens when 12V and GND are both connected to the GND pin?

    I would like to know what will happen when i accidentally connected a 12v and GND to a 4 pin molex, in its GND pin. The picture is the example of the 12v 4 pins connector. I accidentally plug my 12v and gnd wire to the respective pin 1 and 2 of the ATX connector. Will it cause my circuit board...
  14. H

    Automotive Understanding 12V Car Battery Voltage Readings: Explained

    Why are these batteries stated as 12V batteries if often they have a reading of greater than 12V e.g 13 or 14 and when you rev the engine hard while in neutral and do a voltage test on some components in the car circuit you get a reading of much much greater like 40V! How is this working? Could...
  15. M

    Powering an LED strip with a 12v battery

    Hi, I want to run a cheap 5 meter led strip along the inside of my boat for cool night lighting. It will be powered by a 12v deep cycle battery. I was hoping y'all could double check what I was thinking before I set something on fire... Here is the led strip...
  16. R

    12V diode combiner circuit question

    Hello, I'm currently doing an electrical refit on a 29' Bristol. I have an anchor/steaming light for the top of the mast. I'm connecting them to two separate single pole single throw breakers. My problem is that I need the steaming light (fwd light) to be able to come on indipendantly from the...
  17. Phil12

    Power Your Bug Zapper with Solar: 12V DC to 12V AC Conversion Guide

    Hey all, A 'rank' newbie here, so please bear with me. ;-) I have a 'solar charged' 12V battery (with charger) for an electric fence charger. I'd like to use this solar charger and battery to power a 12V AC (I think) low voltage landscape bug zapper. It 'must' be 12V AC, I think? Is there...
  18. Declet Uche

    How do I invert DC 12V to AC 220-240V

    Please i need help on a simple method of converting DC to AC The desired AC output is to power a mini laboratory incubator
  19. Manoj Sahu

    What generator should I buy for charging 12V battery?

    I have to charge a 12V 7AH battery using a wind turbine. For this purpose what kind of battery should I employ?
  20. Jordan ray

    Varying frequency of an LED drive circuit

    Greetings. How would I go about finding a way to use an audio signals frequencies to control the positive connection on a 12v dc led circuit? In other words, have the visual effects you get hooking up a dc led strip to an amplifier, but instead controlling the dc positive output to the strip...
  21. Mohammed Suhail

    Help with 12V LED and Power Source Questions

    Hi, I am new to forum and know very little on electricals and electronics. Now i have a few OSRAM Ostar 12V LEDs (https://goo.gl/04rrZy) with heatsink which i am working with as a hobby. Power source is a car battery. Here i list all my query one by one 1. As per the datasheet of this LED, it...
  22. G

    Drive 4 LEDs at 20mA with 12V Battery: Resistor Value?

    Hi all, a bit of a hypothetical for you. If I wish to drive a 3V LED at 20 mA from a 12V battery, I can use a dropper resistor. I subtract the LED's forward voltage from the 12V to get 9V, and divide this by the 20 mA, to get the value of resistor needed. R=V/I = 9/0.02 = 450 ohm. However...
  23. D

    12V charging circuit between two batteries limiting max amps

    Hello, I was reading a previous thread that is now closed. What I'm curious about is a simple wiring schematic. I want to charge a battery on my trailer while it's hooked to the truck from the trailer 7 pin rv connection. The rv connection has a 12v hot all the time wire that I could use to...
  24. F

    12V Marine Deep Cycle Battery Post is Moving -- Is the Battery Damaged?

    The battery post is moving up and down. It doesn't seem to want to come all the way out. Will the battery still perform properly or is it damaged? Can it be repaired? Pictures attached.Thanks in advance.
  25. Bryan Deily

    Running Two Brushed 12V DC Motors

    I am trying to figure out the best way to hook up two 12v DC peristaltic pumps to run as close to the same speed as possible. The manufacturing tests had the pumps running within 10ml per minute which is acceptable; when I hook the pumps up in series they are not even close. When hooked up in...
  26. slick_willy

    Enclosed floating aquatic 12v car-audio amp system

    Hey guys so I have had this idea for an electronics project for a long time, and it basically goes like this. It's a floating speaker box for floating on the river when we are rafting. Design considerations are that it would have to be unsinkable (as much as possible), also loud and with a...
  27. T

    Running 12V 30 psi Pump: My Questions Answered

    So I am try to run this 12V 30 pis pump and it says to run it at 2.2 amps @ 30 psi. When I supply the pump with 12V I get a reading of 1.4 Amps so I don't really know what it means by the 2.2 Amps and the @ 30 psi means. Can anyone tell me what this means? Thanks
  28. M

    Splitting 12V high current DC wire

    A large number (56) of 18 gauge-ish connection pins are presented by the connector. They are wired together in large groups on the "client" side of the connector (4 electrodes). We wish to re wire these groups together and then split them off into 24x 18 AWG a few feet removed from the...
  29. cyril joel

    Connecting 12V DC Motor to Two 9V Batteries

    Hello i am abeginer i have to connect a 12v dc motor can i connect it to two 9v batteries in series meabs a total output of 18V.
  30. M

    Wind turbine to charge 12V batteries

    I have a mws freedom pmg 12 volt 1600 watt PMG with falcon mach 3 blades. Live in city so turbine is only 12ft off ground. Don't get good wind. Can I use a 24 volt pmg to charge my 12 volt battery bank? Have charge controller that can handle high voltage and will dump at 14.5 volts. Also have...
  31. Jason porter

    Can USB Ports Be Converted to Power a 12V 1Amp Device?

    Setup: I have a portable solar panel (for camping, etc) that outputs to two USB ports (2 amp). I want to use this to power a small Li-ion charger. I know that there are products/adapters I can buy to achieve this but I am fascinated by the science of it and want to know *how* all this works...
  32. T

    Testing 12V 62.5A PSUs - Using 9 2Ω 100W Resistors

    Hi. I have to test a couple PSUs (ripple, regulation, etc.) that are rated 12 V 62.5 A. In order to do so, I need a test load; I was thinking about using nine 2 ohm 100 W 5% resistors (about 3 usd) in parallel (giving 0.22 ohm 900 w). Taking into account the tolerance of the resistors, I get a...
  33. G

    Wanting to run the following motor using a 12V (car battery)

    I am hoping to run the following motor using a 12v (car battery). This battery would run until a charge is needed Just curious on what's needed for an Inverter and how easily/cheap it could be accomplished.. Motor specsFHP-Motors 1~mot. 100w 115v 50/60 MHz I'm novice in...
  34. S

    How to Use a 12V Motor as a Generator for a Heating Element?

    What output does a 12v motor give. I need to power a heating element that requires 12v, can I do this with a 12v motor? If not what size motor do I need? Thank you in advance for any help Sarah
  35. Selvven

    Upgrading a 12V Alternator to Produce a higher output Volts

    Hi could anyone please help with this:- I have a 12V 90Ah automobile alternator. is there a way to increase the output volts beyond the 14/13.8v to say 192v?
  36. A

    Is a 12V Tri-state Buffer Available for Programming PIC Microcontrollers?

    Hello, I'm trying to build a hub to connect several circuits that have a PIC microcontroller and be able to select one of them and download the program to it. The circuit that I have in mind to select and program one PIC microcontroller is this...
  37. S

    Charging a 12v battery permanently wired in a circuit

    First off, I am a ME student, and I only know enough about electricity to get myself into trouble. I am looking to build a flashlight using a 100w LED chip, a step up constant-current transformer from 12V (or 24V) to 34V and either one or two 12V batteries (higher voltage to improve efficiency)...
  38. Shanevan

    Can you charge a 12v car battery with capacitor?

    can you charge a 12v car battery with capacitor

    Connecting a 12v Control panel to a 24v Truck system

    Help! I am connecting a Sergent control panel (to power a motorhome 12v/240v system), with a 1200W converter for a solar panel that trickle charges a 12v battery and a leisure battery. This would not be the problem but my truck runs on 2 batteries that run 24v. Does anyone have an idea on how...
  40. S

    Need help with a 12v solenoid

    I'm not so smart when it comes to electrical things, so please forgive my ignorance. Here's what I am trying to do. I have a quad axle dump truck, I'm trying to have the drop axles automatically come up when put into reverse. The drops are raised and lowered via 2, 12 volt solenoid valves. I...
  41. T

    How long will a 300 CCA, 12V car battery last with 18Ah?

    If CCA can be translated directly to Amps then would I be able to run the battery at max capacity for only 3.6 minutes? 18 / 300 * 60 = 3.6 Minutes? Or am I looking at something wrong?
  42. B

    Question about 12v Solar charger?

    Hi, I recently bought a smallish 12v DC solar panel for trickle charging my jetski battery. I've had a look at the panel with a multimeter and in good sunlight it makes easy 24V but very very low current. I was wondering if I stick a 99pence buck converter on in, forcing the voltage to a max of...
  43. E

    Designing a 12V 2A DC Power Supply: Circuit Analysis and Transformer Selection

    Hi! I want to design DC power supply 12V 2A. Here is what I have done. Firstly, we need to transform AC main voltage. I will use transformer with ratio Np:Ns=16:1 : We must choose diodes with maximum forward current more than 2 amperes. I will choose UG8JTHE3/45.. This diode has maximum...
  44. O

    12V Wind Turbine - Voltage question

    Hi, I have this wind turbine (http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/251320008073?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE&skus=Output:12V&varId=550270984212) in the UK, wall mounted about 18ft, its not in the best position, but it still turns pretty fast, enough to hear the blades spinning from inside, and for it to generate...
  45. greggo

    Can I hardwire 12v light to my 110v house wires?

    I have a strand of 12v led lights that I'd like to use as under mount lights for my kitchen cabinets. Is there a way to hook the lights up to my existing 110v wiring assuming there is a converter necessary?
  46. N

    Having 12V (cig. lighter) power supply on Suzuki GN125H

    Hello Guys My baby is a Suzuki GN125H (Bought in year 2013). I have been pondering for a while to have some kind of dash cam installed on her. Thus I thought to have a power supply installed so as to get power for the dash cam (only to be used when the motorcycle is ON and running). My...
  47. B

    Reduce 120v house current to 12v heat recovery ventilator

    We had a heat recovery ventilator that was controlled by a mechanical timer connected to a 120 v line (the line has its own breaker in the electrical panel and is also connected to a few lights and plugs) in each of three bathrooms. The 120v line is connected to a metal electrical box marked as...
  48. O

    How do I determine the force and torque requirements for a 12V DC car jack?

    < Moderator Note -- thread moved from ME forum to Homework Help/Engineering > Hi, I Am an electrical engineering student and I want to make a 12 DC car jack for my senior project, but till now I couldn't find the informations I need to start the project. How to calculate the force and torque...
  49. Y

    How can I build a 12V DC motor controller for my fishing pole?

    I have attached a 12v DC electric drill moter to a fishing pole. I need a 12v dc motor controler or PWM that will allow me to cut the rpm's down from 550 rpm to about 20 to 100 rpm. less then 20 would work better for bottom fishing. I believe a PWM would work but I am not sure as to a...
  50. M

    Have 12v AC, converted to 12v DC, motor slow

    Hello All, I have a stater that puts out AC voltage, at max RPM it produces 40 volts. I have a voltage regulator installed parallel and it controls volts to max 14+v AC. I need to run an 80 watt 12V DC cooling fan so I installed a little block that has 4 diodes inside. Possibly this is...