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I I need a list of all singularities in physics

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    Hi there everyone :smile:

    I'd like to have a list of all the instances where a singularity appears in physics, e.g., in relativity, causing the black hole thing.

    Specific cases where

    [tex] \frac{x}{0} [/tex]


    For instance, I heard that there is another case in quantum mechanics, or quantum field theory, and I think it is called renormalization.

    Can you help me please?

    Thank you very much in advance
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    Hi SothSogi:

    The Friedmann equation
    has a singularity for a=0 which also corresponds to t=0.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks Buzz Bloom. That is exactly the kind of information I am looking for. Thank you very much :smile:
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    This is difficult to do because many singularities are the products of co-ordinate choices. You will have to sift through them all and determine which ones are, and I hate to use the word, real.
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    Yes, I suppose. But here I am talking about well known singularities, like black holes, or that thing, renormalization which I do not know very well. I think there is another called cosmic string, or another called domain wall.
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