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I need advice on material to self-study physics (oscillations and waves)

  1. Oct 13, 2015 #1
    I am currently in my second year of a bachelor of science with a major in physics. The class I am taking is notorious for being hard and the professor is very hard to understand (understanding the material, not what she's saying).

    The class is all about oscillations and waves. The textbook is AP French, Vibrations and Waves, however it is very condensed and I have a hard time learning the material as they don't explain a lot of what they do. I'm having a hard time in the class and I was just wondering what textbooks/other resources people found useful when learning these topics? We're currently working on dampened harmonic motion, driven oscillations, coupled oscillators, etc.

    If this is the wrong thread I apologize. Thanks so much for any help, if any additional information is needed please ask :(
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    My second semester sophomore year physics honor used the book "Waves", chapter 3 of the Berkeley series. by Crawford. We all loved the first sentence in the first chapter of the book. The sentence reads : The world is full of things that move. Well it certainly begins simple enough. I remember I did not particularly like the book, but I did learn a lot about waves. I also remember the checkout girl at the counter when I bought the textbook looked at the "water" wave on the front cover and said, : Cany you take a whole (semester) course on waves. From the front cover, she must have though I was a surfer boy, shooting the tube.
    I do have French's book and I think I do like Crawford's Waves better., but it is still difficult material.
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