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I need an Espresso Machine

  1. Feb 6, 2006 #1
    People in coffee shops are incompetent. Really. I don't think they understand that some people( granted not their typical panzy customers) actually like the taste of espresso. Two times in a row I've gotten a double cappuccino at the campus coffee shop that was really a latte. The ONLY drinks they've done properly are just straight espressos and occasionally they manage not to screw up a macchiatto too badly (I know, my spelling of italian words is god awful). I go out of my way to ask for a smaller cup for my double cappuccino just to try to force them to use less milk. So they filled it two inches over the top with frothed milk anyway. I was so incredibly pissed. So i've decided that since these people are morons, I need my own espresso machine and coffee grinder so that I can make a proper cappuccino in the morning before class (or a good Triple Espresso for after those all nighters). But darn those things are expensive. And forget your "regular coffee". That's weak stuff pengwuino.

    Anyone else here hate coffee shops, but stuck going to them for lack of your own $1000 espresso machine?
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    Man, cappuccino blast from Baskin robin is liquid crack man. OMG that stuff is good.
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    I actually found that a few minutes before you posted it. My frustration this afternoon with my cappu-latte prompted me to renew my search for an espresso machine that wouldn't leave me in debt. I'm seriously considering it at the moment. I certainly have nothing to lose over my current situation :grumpy:
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    I used to work at a coffee house. I swear not every person who works at one is a moron.
    Have you tried explaining to them exactly what it is you want? I've found that helps. I did find out though that at starbucks they are actually incapable of making a proper americano because the machines don't allow for a double run. Bastards.
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    I work at a coffe shop and I know that part of the problem is most people think a latte IS a capicinno. they honestly dont know the difference! (And yet still make them anyway)
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    Usually the places are so packed they barely remember to ask my name to write on the cup much less listen to what I want. Luckily, I seem to be the only person ordering triple espressos and double macchiattos or cappuccinos.

    @Cosmo: From the results i get that makes a lot of sense. Its really starting to piss me off though when the fop in front of me orders their soy non-fat mocha java latte blast extra cream no whip decaf, and gets the right thing and these people can't handle a simple cappuccinno. 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 frothed milk. For a single it should be 4.5 oz total. Its pretty simple. It should not be a 12 oz drink for either a single or even a double. Ever.

    I'm beginning to think of just making my own machine. Wouldn't be that hard really. And I don't mean like that website with the PVC machine. I'm talking electrical heating and pumps. I'm already very seriously considering it. Pressures involved aren't that high really, 10 bar is far under the normal stuff I work with, though this is a drastically different temperature regime. I think i could do it. Hmmm.....
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    also they are copying starbucks (I work at barnes and nobles cafe which is basicly the same thing) Unfortuantly, starbucks makes it 12 oz for a single (WTF?! I know) so I have to make it that way. Which means, they suck, and people think they are supposed to be that way.

    Even worse are the people who order a "wet cappucinno" which is a capucinno with almost no foam. It is quite literally a latte. Its retarted.

    My opinion is that starbucks has ruined coffee.

    Heres why

    1)First I would like to dispel the myth that starbucks is in teh coffee bussiness. They are in the milk bussiness.

    2) All they make are esspresso drinks that no longer qualify as coffee or essoresso based. Ones that do not even taste like espresso anymore. (Sometimes I leave out the espresso just to see if people notice, more times then not, they dont.)

    3)- ALL of their coffee is burned. It is overroasted, ruining the flavor. It is no longer even a dark blend, it is just burnt coffee.

    4)- They are supposdly a gourmet coffee shop, yet they do not grind or roast their coffee on premises. It is sent in prepacked, single pot serving size pouches.

    5)- their esspresso machines are too automated. Allowing people to make drinks without any training or true understanding of what they are doing.
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    I hardly think starbucks qualifies as gourmet anything. Its a chain resturant.
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    :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised


    12 oz for a single? I've never ordered a cappuccino at starbucks, and I'm damn glad I haven't now. At least the campus shop keeps a single under 8 (i've actually had ok luck(50-50, I know, its really sad that that is considered "ok" luck) with singles there, but I have never gotten a double made right).

    See why I make fun of the people that normally go to these places. And I get weird looks when I order a triple espresso. From the people working there I mean.

    I can agree with that.

    Yes to all, especially...actually all.
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    Starbucks is all I have. The real coffee shop went out of business. :cry: Though, when I make a pot of coffee at home using Starbucks grounds, it tastes just fine...wonderful actually compared to the other crappy coffees available around here...but when I buy coffee in their stores, it always tastes burnt. I don't know if they leave it in the pots too long, or use too much grounds for a cup of coffee (I make mine pretty strong, so it's hard to believe they'd use more), but somehow, it always tastes more like paint stripper than coffee. Hence, the lattes, because once you mix it with milk, it's tolerable again (and yes, I'd notice if the coffee was missing :grumpy: Evil, evil, evil! :devil:).

    The place I never expected to get a good cup of coffee...and a really decent cappucino even, is a chain restaurant here called Eat 'N Park. I never heard of the chain before (at least it has the look, feel, and menu of a chain restaurant...diner style food). They serve the cappucino in a proper cup, with lots of froth, and it's such a tasty coffee they use. Of course most people order them with all sorts of syrups added (it's gotten to where it's rather annoying when I order JUST a cappucino, they always ask me "which kind?" No...JUST a cappucino, no flavor syrups, no chocolate, no anything but espresso and milk...they look at me like I'm nuts to just want it plain). I haven't ordered an espresso there to see how those are yet, but I'm quite happy with the cappucino.
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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    I remember one time I went to Starbucks for the sake of just having caffeine.

    I normally don't drink caffeine, so it worked very well. It kept me up an additional 5 hours, which is exactly what I needed. :biggrin:

    Now, if I'm desparate to stay up, I take Red Bull or Beaver Buzz.

    Anyways, which Starbucks drink has the most caffeine?

    Note: I don't pretend I know what's going on. I just ask for something with caffeine in it, but then again, it sounds like they might not even know. :grumpy:
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    Straight espresso, about 100mg per oz.
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    I once had the best Cappuccino ever! It was called a Cappuccino Royal and it was made with lots of tasty brandy in it. Yum Yum.
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    I've got enough vodka to float a boat (I'm only partially joking). If I want booze, I don't need to ruin coffee to get it. :grumpy:

    Seriously, I was really ticked today with that cappu-latte crap. I was more steaming than the coffee. Did I mention she let the espresso sit there in the cups for about 5 minutes, before adding the milk? You can't do that!!!
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    The only good coffee (espresso) I've ever had was in the coffee bars in Italy. You walk in, go up to a bar and order. You get a shot in what looks like a plastic Nyquil cup of a very thick dark liquid. HEAVEN!!!!!!

    You cannot get anything like it in the states as far as I know.
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    When they make it wrong, you could make a big deal about it and demand they make it right...
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