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I need some information about hydrodynamics

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    I need data (articles and books) about what connection there is between the speed (or the power) of a turbulent flow and the range of vibration frequencies that it can create on the body submerged in the flow.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I don'n know how is the shape of the submerged body but you can start with a search on google about von karman streets (valid for cilinders). Also you can found some graphs in "theory of boundary layer", a classic book (the author is schligting, I do not remember exactly the spelling).
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    I think you mean "Boundary-Layer Theory", by Hermann Schlichting, 3. English edition, 1968
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    It sounds like you could use a good book on aeroelasticity and one on turbulent flows (e.g. Pope).
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    SteamKing: you are right. Thanks
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