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I need to interview an Electrical engineer

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    What made you choose to be an electrical engineer?

    What area of electrical engineering do you specialize?

    What University did you go to and why did you choose that one?

    What types of courses did you take in college?

    How quickly were you able to find a career after college?

    What is your current job like?

    What is something interesting about your job?

    Whats the most rewarding part of your job?

    Is it useful to know programming?

    What are some good skills to know for a career in this field?

    Thank you
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    What is your question? You want us to comment on whether this is the question that you should ask? I just assume this is what you want and I am going to comment in blue for each.

    I was a manager of engineering for `12 years. I gave them a test I devised to see where they are and how they solve the problem. You'll be really surprised that most don't know the simplest thing that you consider common sense. When I interview an electrical engineer, I gave nothing more than the basic op-amp gain question with DC offset like maping +/-1V to a DAC input of 0 to +5V full scale. You'll be surprised how many failed!!!! Next, I gave them a digital test using a D-FF as divide by two and the output go through another D-FF as shift-register, all clocked by the same CLK. All I want them to do is draw out the timing diagram of the Q of the first and second DFF. You'll be surprised how many failed. Then the last question is a basic common emitter NPN circuit and ask for gain and bias current. Then depend whether the position is junior or senior, ask more to the point question.

    If they pass, I would then ask more question pertain to the position. But those basic simple question can really show how much common sense they have. Then I'll start talking to them. Most won't be able to answer these very simple question, then I work with them to see how their ability of logical deduction to judge. Unless I hire a contractor that need to get result immediately, I tend to look at the potential of the person more than just whether they can dive into the job right away. To me, a person with good common sense, quick to react and learn is much more important than whether they know your requirement at the moment.

    There goes to show you how much student really learn out of the school. These are question I could have answer when I just finish my AA degree in Heald College. These are all taught in lower division or any trade school if the student actually learned. I never have a degree in electronics and always feel small in front of engineer with a degree. Then I realize how little they really know. You even have to watch out those MSEE particularly those just graduated. They really don't fare much better.
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