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Questions for a professional Electrical Engineer

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    I have a list of questions I'd like to ask an electrical engineer. Not only is this for an assignment, but I truly would like to see why the responding electrical engineer chose this path. If you would please leave your email after responding to all the questions that would be great. You won't receive any spam, its just what my professor asked for, but if you feel inclined to tell me then its fine. No need for paragraphs, being brief with the answer will do. Thank you.

    1. What interested you to become an electrical engineer?
    2. Where did you get your electrical engineering degree?
    3. What company do you work for?
    4. Do you enjoy going to work everyday?
    5. What projects have you been involved in?
    6. What are the big issues in your field today?
    7. How long did it take to get your electrical engineering degree?
    8. In what areas do you specialize in electrical engineering?
    9. If you could choose another engineering branch, which would it be?
    10. What advice would you give to someone who is pursuing electrical engineering?
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    Sorry, but for privacy and anti-phishing reasons, survey/interview threads are not allowed at the PF. Thread is locked.
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