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I need an electrical engineer to interview for high school project

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    Hello, I'm a high school student who is doing a career project. My interest is in electrical engineering, and I need to interview a professional in this field. For someone who is answering these following questions- it would be great if you would answer thoughtfully. If you would like to answer these questions via email, reach me at izzydon66@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    1) What made you choose this field? Are you happy that you chose it?

    2) About how much do you travel in a year, and where do you travel to?

    3) How long do you stay when you travel?

    4) What kind of equipment do you work with?

    5) What is your favorite part of your job? Your least favorite?

    6) How hard did you have to work in college in order to get the degree you wanted?

    7) Was it hard for you to get your first job after college?

    8) Where do you work right now? How many hours a week do you work at your job?

    9) What skills does your job require? (critical thinking, active listening, ect...)

    10) What type of environment do you work in? Do you work with others?

    11) What is your average salary? Are you happy with the amount you make?

    Once again, thank you for time.
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    For privacy and anti-phishing reasons, interview threads are no longer allowed on the PF. Thread closed.
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