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I need to learn inorganic chemistry

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    My knowledge (or lack of it) when it comes to inorganic chemistry is starting to slow down my understanding of some topics related to my research. I know the basics of chemistry, just about what you would learn in an intro chem course but that's it. I'm looking for a book that can teach me the more of the fundamentals of inorganic chem but also something that will set me up with a foundation to learn electrochemistry and polymer chemistry. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Well.. Gee. Inorganic, polymer and electrochem are pretty much as different as subjects get in chemistry.
    You're not going to find any book that'll cover all those three topics in detail. Get a general chemistry textbook (e.g. "Chemistry-Molecules, matter and change", Jones & Atkins).

    If you know all that, or once you do, you can go on to textbooks for the other three. I'd recommend "Inorganic Chemistry" by Shriver, Atkins, Langford for that subject. It's not a very exciting textbook, but it's got pretty much everything in it so it's the only inorganic book most chemists would ever need.
    (And I'd really like to know who borrowed my copy and didn't return it.. Grr.)
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    I figured I wasn't going to find anything that covered all three, but I just wanted something that will give the be basis to learn about electro and polymer chemistry. Things like bonding types, how to calculate reaction energies, etc. I'll check out your recommendations and hopefully they have international editions.
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    That sounds like first year chemistry. I took first year organic chemistry as a graduate student (not for credit, and basically for access to the labs)
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    Housecroft - Inorganic Chemistry is what I used. It wasn't bad.
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    While reading some of these text previews I think I'm better off just starting from the beginning. I didn't realize how much I have forgotten about chemistry.

    Alxm, I found the book your recommended on https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_...emistry-Molecules,+matter+and+change&x=0&y=0" and while it has terrible reviews, its so cheap I think I have no choice but to purchase it. Hopefully, it will get me up to speed quickly.
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