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Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

  1. Oct 30, 2008 #1


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    Next semester i plan on taking a unit on inorganic and physical chemistry. At the moment my collection of chemistry textbooks is a bit miserable (consisting of only my highschool chem book) so id like to add to it. I will purchase whatever textbook is required for the course, but i always like to have supplementary material for extra study and extra questions, and seeing as im most probably going to be majoring in chemical engineering, im sure they will come in handy as references later down the track.

    Does anybody have any recommendations? I have heard a few good comments about Linus Pauling's "General Chemistry", so that's one i'll consider, but open to all suggestions.

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    I used Zumdahl for AP chem, and my cousin used the same text at UPenn when he did his undergrad degree.
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    Thanks, ill have a look at that one.

    Anyone else have suggestions?
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    I know it's not related to the topic, but definitely Carey's Organic. Morrison and Boyd are cool too.
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