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Physics I need your help for an job interview in astrophysics

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    Hey guys,
    I'll have an interview for a PhD position on monday (they told me today) and need your advice.
    They want me to outline a sheme on how I'd create an experiment about sublimation on asteroids.
    The problem is, that I don't know anything about this topic. Do you have any ideas for me
    or advice on where to look for usefull stuff ?
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    Some care about this request for advice is needed. Anyone on the forum who can answer this question should be able to get the job instead of you.
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    You should carefully consider whether you want to work for an employer who pulls a stunt such as this. A weekend's notice? Hope you don't have to travel far.
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    I always asked interview candidates questions they were unlikely to be able to answer. I wanted to know if they panic, wing it or come clean admit they don't know but propose a way of finding out.

    I would see if you can't find/Google recent papers on the subject, especially anything by the people you are going to see. Even if you know nothing about the subject you probably know what sublimation is and could guess at the likely conditions on an asteroid.
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