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I really want to do an REU next summer

  1. Jul 30, 2011 #1
    I'd like to do the research in chemistry or chemical engineering, specifically related to energy; HOWEVER, I have done no research before. This fall I have 18 credit hours with a part-time tutoring job, so I don't think I can really devote much time a position. Should I still try to get one? I see that most applications are due in Feb/March, so any spring research won't really get discussed in my applications.

    Do I have a chance? I don't really care where I do it, but somewhere on the east coast would be nice. How can I improve my application? I'm a rising sophomore with a 3.84 cumulative GPA...my chemistry / chemE GPA is 4.00. I'm not exactly outstanding, but if something interests me, I will work hard at it.
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    I would just focus on getting to know your letter writers really well, then I'd think you have a great chance at getting in somewhere.
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