Calculators I want to buy a new Ti-89 titanium, but I don't know where is the cheapest

  1. I was checking the price for ti-89 titanium on both ebay and amazon, the cheapest price I can get is 132 with shipping. Can anyone give me some suggestion or website that I can get a cheaper price?

    Thank You
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    Use an online search engine, and search for "Ti-89","titanium","calculator".

    That should provide a number of online and conventional stores from which to choose. Some search results sort by price.
  4. Why don't you buy it used off of amazon if money is an issue? If you have a tight budget you can't be so picky. The MSRP is actually significantly higher than amazon's price so I don't see you finding a better bargain. If your budget is tight then your choices are to (a) buy a lower model with less features, (b) buy the one you want used, (c) wait and save up more for the calculator of your dreams.
  5. Have you tried Ebay?
  6. I have bought the used one, it turns out to be a crap, calculator is sticky, some of the buttons don't pop up after I press on it, so I don't trust used items any more.
  7. why not the nspire?
  8. i don't know, it seems like nspire is cheaper than ti-89 titanium, i think nspire has more features. is nspire better than ti-89 titanium? nspire cas or just nspire?
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