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I was studying avometer, and came across this paragraph which I find

  1. Aug 18, 2009 #1
    I was studying avometer, and came across this paragraph which I find confusing: "The voltage measuring part of the avometer is actually a multirange voltmeter. It consists of a number of resistances each of which can be connected in series with the moving coil galvanometer with the help of a switch called the range switch. The value of each resistance depends upon the range of the voltmeter which it controls...."
    I thought that the resistances make up the range, so why does it say that their values depend upon the range? What range are we talking about here? Please clarify...
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    Re: Avometer

    Im guessing, but I think they would be refering to the FSD for full scale deflection current of the moving coil galvanometer.

    The series resistance will scale it's current based on I = V/R. V is the measured Voltage, and R is the total resistance of the moving coil galvanometer and the range resistance value.

    This brings up the term "Ohms per volt" which is a measure of "goodness" of (mainly) analogue meters.
    The AVO is a classic instrument rugged and accurage and a pleasure to use.
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