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I'd like to thank those who take the time to help others on this forum

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    I'd like to thank those who take the time to help others on this forum :)

    I would like to take a few minutes out of my evening to thank everyone here in the calculus forums.

    At the beginning of this past June I enrolled myself in grade 13 calculus through correspondence (I'm in Ontario Canada where we had grade 13).

    My story: I dropped out of high school over really stupid reasons (I was getting high everyday, hated everyone including my teachers). I must admit all throughout high school I did pretty poorly. I failed multiple math classes between grades 9 and 12. When I dropped out I only needed TWO credits (!)

    Well, I had no idea what calculus was and hadn't attempted this course before. I came to these forums pretty green and can recall asking really stupid questions (In the first couple chapters I asked if I could convert everything so I could use the product rule instead of the quotient rule hehe).

    I never had an actual teacher to ask questions from so I came here and asked a few. Lucky for me, you great people would never give me the answer outright--you would challenge me and point me in the right direction but never do my work.

    Well last week I wrote my exam for the course (and it was on my birthday too). I just got the letter today and I scored 97% for the course:surprised. I'm in my third year in a community college diploma and my GPA is 4.0 but would you believe this math mark is the most important to me of anything. To do what teachers said I couldn't, to prove those who called me a dropout etc :tongue:

    I know this might not be suitable for this forum as it isn't a math question but I'd still like to convey my thanks for those who hang around here and help steer us young'uns without any compensation :biggrin:

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    Congrats man!

    I have one thing to say about your high school teachers and what not.

    First, don't do this to prove someone or people from the past wrong. They weren't wrong because you dropped out because and then you changed later. So, they we're right. Teachers have every right to say you couldn't do it if you are being a dumbass teenager, and spreading hatred around the school, in which you admit doing. You changed now, and you have every right to change. Teachers also have every right to change their opinions too. They could have treated you like **** in high school, but in all honesty most teenagers treat their teachers like **** too, so it is no surprise that they get the same treatment.

    I had the same problems with high school teachers, but they did this behind my back. They always told my mother I was a failure and that I was going nowhere. In fact, we have simliar stories. Its kind of funny though, I go to class everyday now, and when I was in high school I would only show once a week.

    Do you really think I did this so I can prove them wrong? No.

    I'm doing this because I love math and I don't care what everyone says. I don't even care what my grades are either. They are pointless, but I won't get into that argument. I love math period.

    So please don't do this to prove someone wrong because you aren't.

    Note: Poincare failed an the entrance exam twice, for the Polytechnique School in France. He never made it into this high end school. So do grades matter because he certainly "showed" them.

    If you want to talk about someone more prominent, then you may want to ask Hawking's what grades meant to him. I can pretty much guarantee you that he doesn't remember them because he didn't give a **** about 'em.
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    The comment about the teachers--I wasn't talking about the teachers I disliked when I dropped out, I mean, overall in high school I had some teachers who said quite literally and rather rudely that I couldn't cut it with math and was suggested I didn't take it anymore :) I have great respect for the good teachers and realize that it is a tough job.

    I wasn't "spreading hatred around the school" either. That makes me sound like a thug or something heh. I was never verbal with it, never brought it out or got in fights--I just didn't really care for the teachers at the end nor my peers who made fun of me (and they did because of my weight).

    (just wanted to clarify)

    As for my overall grade, I was not meaning to brag, the grade itself I don't care about rather it was the sense of "accomplishment" (since I had "dropout" looming in my mind all these years) that I felt was parallel with how well I did--that I am not as stupid as I had thought (well...maybe I am ROFL) I don't know if that makes much sense the way I first explained it.
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    It is a great feeling to know that you can do something, and there is no doubt about that.

    I avoid looking at mathematics as something hard and only smart people can do, so I don't look at myself as being higher than anyone else. I see plenty of smart people who aren't in math and I get along with them fine. I hate the competition between programs about which is harder or has better opportunities, etc...

    Anyways, do what you do...

    Note: Look at the bright side. If you get addicted to math, no one will see it as a problem... kinda. :)
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    At least none of us will. The other people, however, may see it as a bit of a problem. :biggrin:
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    Way to go!!
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