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Ideal diode equation

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    i am conducting research in chaotic behavior within diodes, can someone please direct me to the derrivation of the ideal diode equation and more importantly for my research, the calculation required for non linear activity in a diode such as that which occurs when the diode is over-reverse biased. as an aside, does anyone have experience with making the results of empirical diode tests applicable to quantum chaos such as through the schroedinger equation?

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    I'm moving this to "classical physics". I don't see how it has anything to do with "Calculus and Mathematics".
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    You will find a derivation of the diode equation in any standard text on solid state electronics. Try S.M.Sze or Streetman.
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    I once hooked up a diode backwards and it blowed up real good.

    How "ideal" is this hypothetical diode you're talking about? Dead short forward, open circuit reverse?
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