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Ideas or research topics in semiconductor devices and device physics

  1. Apr 8, 2009 #1
    hi im doing my Electronics and Communication Engineering..I need a topic for paper presentation.Im more interested in semiconductor devices and device physics..It's like,i would like to address any physical limitation in the existing technology in reducing chip size.(this is the only topic i know..any other topic is welcome). .I would like to find a solution to an existing problem.The problem is that i do not know all the problems out there:confused:so i'm finding it difficult to choose a topic..ANy guidance is welcome..Thanks in Advance..o:)
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    Welcome to the PF. There are some ways that you can use the PF to help your searching. First, note the list of Similar Threads automatically generated at the bottom of your thread. Some of those may have ideas for topics that help you out. Also, you can do a general forum search for the word "topic" in the title of threads. That should give you a long list of threads discussing various topics in Physics, Math and Engineering.

    I'd also suggest that you go to your university's technical library, and read through some current journals in the field of solid state physics and related fields. You should start to get an idea of current research problems and topics, and that may help you choose your own topic to research further.
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