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IEEE considering electrical model of stars

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    i found this, seems quite interesting;


    What do they mean by electrical stars? Is it that we should take into account the effects of the stars electrical field? or that a completely new model of stars is needed?

    I believe a similar system was described by Nobel Laureate Hannes Alfven, who explained solar flares by cicuit interuptions in the stars outer plasma layer;
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    The questions about the role of electricity in astronomy are widespread, including questions about the role of electricity in solar theory. It is not altogether clear however that a "completely" new model of stars is necessary. There are at least two enigmatic solar phenomenon that might be best "explained" by suggesting that the sun electrically interacts with it's heliospheric sheath. The first is the solar wind activity, where the charged particles of the solar wind are accelerated as they leave the photosphere. What drives that acceleration? The second unexplained phenomenon that electrical currents might explain are the extreme temperatures that can be found in the solar corona, including the million degree plasmas flowing through the sun's coronal loops. What energy source is responsible for that phenomenon? Alfven observed x-ray images of the sun from the skylab program, and attributed those million degree loops to electrical activity in the solar atmosphere. Dr. Charles Bruce had previously noted a connection between the speed of propagation of events in the solar atmosphere and electrical discharges here on earth.

    While there are rather "radical" EU solar models floating around in cyberspace these days, it would technically not be necessary to completely abandon current solar theory simply to include an electrical component in various solar phenomenon.
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