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If Jews were Christ killers, Christians would worship a dead God!

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    The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus signified forgiveness first and foremost for his very killers, a mob. Jews, contrarily, share a Faith whose book Christ worshipped, whose bar mitzvah he received, whose people were his own. Was God "killed" just to castigate the Jews?

    Does the New Testament give compelling reason why God's Son appeared at a specific time, in a specific place and on a specific planet, as a specific species, with a specific book and language, and with a specific gender? Christian fundamentalists seem to limit God almost as much as atheists.

    What happens to those sinners born before John the Baptist, and those dying too young to receive his ablution? Did not Jesus exist in Spirit then as he does now for us?
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    The folk solution to your problem about the good who died before Jesus was the Harowing of Hell; Jesus was said to have gone through Hell during the time he was dead and saved the good. Of course Jesus also remarked - in the parable of Dives and Lazarus - that Abraham was in heaven, so that might be moot.

    The Calvinist take on the question was that although those people were personally good, they all suffered from original sin, and therefore were rightly being eternally tormented, so get used to it. And let me tell you about infant depravity....

    Bottom line, your assumptions about Jesus aren't everybody's assumptions about Jesus.
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    first of all jesus christ, as we know him, is a myth. the bible, etc are tools of organized religions.

    there probably was a jesus that was a rabbi and preached of a new beginning. he also alienated the jewish elders and romans with his ideas. to see such a personage crucified is not a surprise.

    cults are built on far less of a message. why did or does anyone need redemtion? isn't that a concept that was reinvented, if not invented, by christians? i never studied the talmud, but my understanding of judeism does not include 'redemtion'.

    i do not recall christ saying that he was a savior or that he was being sacrificed for 'our sins'.

    i wonder what myths would exist in 2000 years, had ghandi been killed by the british?

    the messages are the same. do we need a structured religion to understand them?

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    First prove the dude existed. Then worry about the reasons and consequences.
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    you should know that we no longer have NEW religious discussions. I am sorry, but this will be locked.
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