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If their was a suit that was able to stay hot on the outside of it,

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    If their was a suit that was able to stay hot on the outside of it, and you had no choice but to jump off an airplace that was about to crash and you were flying over the ocean. Would you be safe to jump into the ocean without breaking anybones because this suit was able to stay hot. I think so. Because if you heat up a fluid it becomes less dense. Just say magically that this suit doesn't burn you when you put it on, but say it some how stays hot very hot on the surface of it. Ideally say that it doesn't change temperature while falling from a plane. I think you would be safe.
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    Re: Convection.

    Zombie Feynman says, "Ideas are tested by experiment."

    However, I think it probably depends on how hot the suit is. Unless the suit was extremely hot, it would probably not have much impact on the height that you are able to dive into water without incurring injury. This is because water has a relatively high specific heat, which means that its temperature will not change rapidly enough for the change in density of the water to be of much use to you.
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    Re: Convection.

    Unless you are going to postulate that this suit has some ridiculously high temperature, then it will take some time to heat up the water. You would still 'crash". And if the temperature were high enough to heat it really, really fast, you would probably get a flash boil and just crash into the bottom of the ocean!
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