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I'm pretty clueless about how to get scholarships I have tried

  1. May 25, 2010 #1
    I'm pretty clueless about how to get scholarships... I have tried searching online but all I have found are school-specific ones.

    I got accepted into a good university, and just got my financial aid award... and I'm still about $9000 dollars short! So I really need to get some scholarships or I'm pretty much gonna be screwed. How have any of you gone about getting them in the past?
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    Re: Scholarships

    Well, I'm taking out a lot of loans. That's how I pay for college!

    That, and my parents.
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    Re: Scholarships

    The idea of being tens of thousands of dollars in debt when i still have grad school ahead of me is scary though. i don't see how i can ever afford that. And I'm getting no assistance from my parents or anyone.
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    Re: Scholarships

    You should contact the financial aid department at the university you plan to attend ASAP. They're probably your best source of information.
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