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Imaging CDs, DVDs or other optical media under SEM

  1. Jan 12, 2015 #1

    After getting some training I have access to my universities SEM facilities and I would like to image CDs and DVDs with it(, I know that these consist of many layer which may not be transparent to the e-beam so they might need some preparation. Does anyone have any idea? I am reluctant since I could not exactly figure out what kind of preparation is required for say CD-Rs CD-RWs or directly CD-ROMs. Any suggestions and help is appreciated.

    P.S : I found this particular website which might give you a hint about the kind of preparation involved.
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    Here is an idea of what you'll see

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    Actually I got the following images where the track pitch is nearly the half of the value indicated on the web and your post (0.8μm ). In order to image the CD-R(Not a CD-ROM), first I broke it carefully then I proceed with the aluminium layer just under the label which did not give much of an image and later I decided give the polycarbonate surface a go and got the resulting images at different magnifications.

    CD23.jpg CD24.jpg CD25.jpg
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    You have any idea why the track pitch was half of the value it should be?
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    Track pitch is the full distance from one line center to another, not the width of those lines.
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