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The Sem–Loire France cycling team was a French professional cycling team that existed for four years from 1980 to 1983. Although a small team, directeur sportif Jean de Gribaldy directed the team to success in various classic races and in stage races such as Paris–Nice and the Tour de France as well as the French championships.

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    Gemstone's surface pattern: any ideas?

    2 SEM images of gemstones: emerald and ruby (Electron Miscroscope with Secondary Electron detector, (which "takes picture" of surface layer (~0.5 um) both the elemental composition and relief)). Dendrites - it is clear (not me, but in general), what creates other patterns? * trace elements? -...
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    Any idea how to bake the column of a SEM?

    I am an undergraduate researcher and my university had an SEM donated to us by DOW chemical. It since has been without power and we have to bake the column and the gun chamber. Contacting the company they estimate $17k to send someone out to do it for us. I'm having difficulty finding material...
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    SEM sample preparation

    I have a crystal sample that I wish to analyze using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) but is not initially in powder form. What are the proper steps to be taken to prepare the samples for analysis? The substance, I believe, is mainly hydroxylapatite, Ca5(PO4)3OH. Thank you!
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    I Why is the resolution of TEMs and SEMs not smaller?

    I was wondering if someone could offer an explanation as to why TEMs and SEMs have practical resolutions several orders of magnitude less than what is predicted by the Rayleigh Criterion. This of course comes from my own calculations of the Rayleigh Criterion assuming an electron is accelerated...
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    I Structural differences between W, WC, and W2C?

    In my research group, I'm tasked with determining the purity of a tungsten sample sent from a supplier. Using FIB, we cut a 20 by 20 by 20 micron well into the sample and tested a wall of the well about 10 microns down from the surface. After taking a spectrogram, there seemed to be a large...
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    SEM Lens Strength?

    Does anybody happen to know the strength of the electroMAGNETic lenses of a scanning electron microscope? I was thinking of using solenoid coils, which would be enough if I am willing to increase the focal distance, but the lenses on SEM's seem far larger.
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    Imaging CDs, DVDs or other optical media under SEM

    Greetings, After getting some training I have access to my universities SEM facilities and I would like to image CDs and DVDs with it(, I know that these consist of many layer which may not be transparent to the e-beam so they might need some preparation. Does anyone have any idea? I am...